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Suit Alteration

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Questions about Suit Alteration

A customer may require jacket alterations when they purchase a new suit. Customers may need to modify the shoulder fit, take in the side seams, or modify the area across the back of the shoulders. In the pattern for a suit jacket, the shoulder line connects across the length of the side seams.

The length of a jacket can also be adjusted. The length can be adjusted by as much as five centimeters whilst still maintaining a finish to "factory finish" standards.

Suit Sleeves Alteration

The sleeves of a suit jacket can also be adjusted. If sleeves are to be shortened, button holes can be added at the appropriate length, and buttons affixed, to factory finish standards. When lengthening sleeves, the length can be extended by the amount of fabric used to cuff sleeves, maintaining a factory finish. This can be done with a normal button hole, or additional open button hole (working button hole) finishes.

Lengthen a suit jacket

We are unable to lengthen a suit jacket, due to a lack of reserve material used in suit making in achieving a "round finish".

Neck adjustments can be made to suit jackets, and this may be required when customers have postural issues. This can be achieved via a 'lift neck' or 'square neck' procedure, or by adjusting the distance across the shoulder span.

Older Suit Jackets

In the case of older suit jackets, the size of the jacket can be reduced by up to two standard sizes, with a fitting at no extra charge.

Suit alterations can include shortening shoulders, taking in the side seams, taking in three seams, shortening or lengthening sleeves, and shortening the jacket length.

Suit Trouser Alterations

Alterations to suit trousers can include taking in the waist by up to 11 centimeters, letting out the waist by up to five centimeters, taking the side seams from the pocket to the hem-line, or adjusting the waist seat, moving the back panel only (which leads to a slimming of the fit by up to two standard sizes. Suit trousers can be completely recut and resized by up to two standard sizes. If the pockets are symmetrical, trousers can be shortened or lengthened by the hem-width.

To be able to make suit alterations, you need to be able to determine whether the end result of alterations desired would be obtainable. For instance, in re-cutting suit trousers, this involves an understanding of whether an adjustment of this nature would be possible, whilst still maintaining the style and integrity of the trousers. General tailoring skills a required for quality alterations.

Suit Alteration Procedure

The procedure for a suit alteration is as follows:
- fitting and pinning of garments – primary adjustment and measurement
- if the alterations are complex, a second fitting is requested, in order to refine final measurements and proposed adjustments
- any necessary adjustments are completed,
- a final fitting is undertaken, before
- the garment is collected

Suit Alteration Cost

The cost of alterations can range from $25 to $300, depending on the number and complexity of alterations requested.

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